FAQ for Creators and Customers


1. What does it cost to list my product on your site?

Nothing upfront for your story to be told and images and profile listed! The only cost is a 25% fee on product sales once your product has shipped to your customer. We will not refund the fee if a customer return is made.

2. Can I remove my products from your site?

Yes, you can remove at any time. We only ask that you provide us with a 30-day notice so we can ensure a smooth transition for our customers.

3. Who owns the media rights?

You own and have full rights to any photos or videos that you create and load to Instagram or that are used on the site. We own and have permission to use the photos or videos that we create, including the distribution and marketing on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Don’t worry - we fully intend to use such materials in a way that benefits you most.

4. Are any products not allowed on your site?

Yes, we currently do not allow knives, ingestible products, baby products, or anything that is graphic or explicit. We do reserve the right to change allowable products at any time and will notify affected sellers as soon as possible.

5. What is the refund policy.

You manage your own refund policy with your customers. We ask that you deal fairly with your customers.