What hotel did the rat pack perform in?

“The Sands of Time – Magical Nights at the Copa Room and Visions of their Rebirth"

The Copa Room. Even the name hinted of an exotic place from another era. And indeed, the world famous showroom took its name and Brazilian-styled decor and class from the legendary Copacabana club in New York City.

Situated in the now long gone Sands Hotel, the Copa Room was truly "the place to be" in the Las Vegas of the 1950s and 60s. In those heady days, the Copa showroom was alive with the sights of the beautiful "Copa Girls" and sounds of the world's greatest entertainers.

The most famous of those performers were actually a collective of talents who the press dubbed "The Rat Pack," which featured Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and others. Together, this grouping of singers, comedians and musical tacticians, who actually referred to themselves as "The Summit" or "The Clan," created an aura of mystique and presented dynamic power-packed shows of unmatched entertainment value, and the crowds who flocked to fill the Copa Room loved them.

Often, when one of the members was scheduled to give a performance, the rest of the Pack would show up unannounced, so the audiences never knew quite what to expect, which caused their highly-anticipated appearances to sell out almost immediately after they were announced.

Tourists would pour into Las Vegas, sometimes sleeping in cars and hotel lobbies where there was no vacancy just to be part of the Rat Pack entertainment experience.  The Rat Pack's appearances were of unprecedented value because when they performed the city would be flooded with high rollers and wealthy gamblers who would fill the casino’s coffers – and the good times rolled.

What glorious times those were. And the beauty is, one can still have a taste of what those nights at the Copa Room were like thru now-legendary live albums, including Frank Sinatra's ‘Sinatra at the Sands’, Sammy Davis, Jr.'s ‘That's All!,’ ‘The Sounds of '66,’ and Dean Martin's ‘Live at the Sands Hotel - An Evening of Music, Laughter and Hard Liquor.’

So sit back, close your eyes, turn up the music, savor the taste of a fine cigar and your favorite libation and be transported back to an elegant time when magical nights were filled with the sounds of big band music and some of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known. Imagine dressing in your finest suit and escorting your lady who is decked to the nines in her favorite evening gown to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Let your imagination run wild and bask in the glory of those unforgettable nights of fun, romance laughter and timeless music at the Copa Room.

The sands of time are blowing those glory days back again. You can feel it in the culture and hear it in the music of many of today's film soundtracks and television commercials. Close your eyes and imagine. The return of those magical and enchanting times may be closer than you think.

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