There are few things in life that can be accurately described as

The distinct sound of a Big Band is one of them.

You hear it everywhere and you may have never realized it. From
commercials, to films, in coffee shops, in elevators… it’s
there. Unbeknownst to most of us today, it’s become ingrained in
the very fabric of our society. It’s quietly rested in the
attics of our culture, since it was last heard booming nearly
seventy years ago.

In its hay day, big band wasn’t just music, but a way of life.
Deriving it’s well refined, piano mellow to brass bending sound
from its elder -jazz- it became a melodic voice of a generation
at it’s height; the Greatest Generation…

The Generation that turned a sound into a golden legend, and
cemented its place in our culture and history. Out of it came
such figures as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martian, Bobby Darin, Sammy
Davis Jr, Nat King Cole and countless others.

Many genres of music have risen and fallen, throughout the
decades. Some have influenced culture, others have burned hot
and faded away. Yet no genre has ever had such an imprinted
effect as Big band.

Original swagger, insurmountable work ethic, unmatchable style
and an unshakable optimism can still be heard discreetly, in
sound that never ceased.