There is a movement beginning. Social Trends 2019


From Culture, to Music, to style there are countless examples of
the past returning…

And we here at Quantum State of Mind are bringing back only the

So what is Quantum State of Mind?

It’s a solution for a world fallen out of key and the point of
origin at which all success starts, creating a movement in the
right direction…

To point to just one shining example, allow us to take you back
in time…

It’s 1941. The Second World War has just begun and America, as a
country, has once again become another of many fine examples…

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are storming across all of Europe and
Africa. While the Empire of Japan has engulfed Asia and the
Pacific in flames after bombing Pearl Harbor…

Now both have their sights set on America. And so, the future
now becomes uncertain…

What is certain, however, is Americas path forward; Failure is
not an option. And once again like so many countless occasion
across time, on a Quantum level, an entire society has just
entered a state of mind.

Knowing full well that each moment that passes could be its
last, America comes together rises to the occasion…

The people dress with stylish pride and certainty in themselves.
Flawless uniforms, suits and dresses are seen being sported from
Time Square, to Hollywood Boulevard.

Patience, dignity, understanding, and passion are all a plenty…

Men and women alike are heading off to win the war. And for
those who remain at home the sounds of big band music can be
heard all across the land.

Big band was the simple, yet profound, sound that brought people
together in that time of uncertainty. It’s a sound that is still
heard to this day…

Ultimately, America won the War. And with the after burn of that
unbreakable State of Mind, went on to become the greatest country
in the world.

It all started on the Quantum level, with every individual. And
was just one of many examples of how a state of mind is created;
From culture, to style, to music.

We point out this scene from the imperfect past not to go back,
but instead to bring back only the best to a time that shares
the same uncertain future.